This website shows how Excel can be used for engineering applications. Engineering students typically use software like MATLAB or MATHEMATICA during their studies in college but in the industry, most engineers only have Excel for crunching numbers. Excel is often seen as a business tool; but as this site shows, it is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of engineering and numerical analysis.

Another objective of this site is to create an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics in general, and numerical analysis in particular. Mathematics is like art; it shows the power and beauty of the human imagination. It is very unfortunate that mathematics is often taught in a manner that creates dread in the students, but by showing how "difficult" mathematics can be done by simple operations in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet, it is hoped that at least a part of the fear will disappear. The "Engineering Mathematics" section on the Apps page shows how topics like algebra and calculus can be readily understood with the aid of a spreadsheet.


Most of the Apps on this site have been built using Microsoft Excel 2003. They will also work in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. All the files on the Apps Section of this site are free to download, advanced versions of some apps are available for purchase at the App Store.

I wish to thank all those visitors who have provided feedback on this site over the years. Some have also shared their work with me, and this work has been included at many places on this site. Keep the feedback coming on

You are also welcome to join the open Linked-in group Engineering Using Spreadsheets where you can share your experiences with Excel and give feedback on the site.

Featured: Animation Using Excel

This video shows various Excel animation techniques demonstrated on this site. The following apps have been featured in this video:

Pendulum Waves

Lightning Wand

Filling a tank

Alarm Logic Circuit

Digital Rain

Electric Bell

Simulation of a CPU


Filter Analysis

A 2nd order Butterworth Filter removes high frequency noise from the input. See the Filter Analysis App.

See more screenshots in Gallery.