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Nitin Mehta is a Chemical Engineer with a Bachelor degree from thethe Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He also holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from The National University of Singapore. Nitin has gained a solid base of experience and expertise whilst working in various manufacturing process environments. He has developed a specialty in, and a great fascination for, plant process control.

He is currently working as a process control consultant and running his company XLnControl Pty Ltd.


After utilizing excel software early in his career in the Microsoft Office suite (as commonly used for basic functions ie. Data layouts, calculation and graphs), Nitin then curiously explored and tested Excel, at an advanced level, as a primary tool for developing engineering/functional applications. He has since built some less commonly available, yet very useful, process control engineering applications such as Chemical Process Monitoring, Loop Drawing Database and Process Data Acquisition.

Nitin can also provide consultant services on Process Control Design, Excel and other MS Office applications.

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This site was launched on October 21, 2006 as It is initially built with Microsoft Expression Web Designer and is hosted with Arvixe. It was previously hosted with Clever Internet. I typically update the site every month.

Nitin: "I get lots of queries from my friends especially engineering colleagues about my experience with website building, I have documented my experiences at, hopefully it will be of help to others thinking of building their websites."

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