Data Sheets


This is a variation of the Instrument Loop Drawings tool. It generates Data sheets from  tabulated data in an Excel sheet using a template, you could think of this as mail merging within Excel. Generating datasheets this way is handy because it is easier to fill data into a table rather than directly onto individual datasheet fields. In this tool, the template provided is for pressure gauges, but it can be easily modified to create a data sheet for other devices.

As in the instrument loop drawings tool, this tool produces output in PDF format. The PDF files are saved in the same folder as the Excel file.


.xlsm file (33 KB)

(If the file gets downloaded as .zip, simply rename it to .xlsm.)

This app was built using Excel 2010. For Excel 2007 users - this app may not work by default because 2007 does not have the 'Save as PDF' feature. To get this feature, you have to download the add in from the Microsoft website at this link.

Once this is installed, the tool will work.

How to use

The file has 2 sheets name 'Data' and 'Template'. The Data sheet consists of a table containing the loop details and the Template contrains a template for the datasheet. Clicking the Generate Drawings button on the data sheet will run a macro that will generate a datasheet for each tag specified in column A of the Data sheet. The datasheets are generated in PDF format and are saved in the same folder that the Excel file resides in. Existing files, if any, will get overwritten.

A sample datasheet is shown below.

Instrument Datasheet

How it works

The principles used in this tool are the same as outlined in the tip Engineering Drawings Using Excel. In this app, a macro is used to loop through the tags in the Data sheet and generate the datasheets. VLOOKUP formuale is used to pull the relevant data for each datasheet into the template from the Data sheet.

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