Descriptive Statistics

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Excel has tools for Descriptive Analysis and creation of Histograms, but they are "static" tools and need to be re-run everytime there is a change in the data. This app provides a "dynamic" version, where the statistics and histogram are generated as soon as there is a change in the source data. It generates the report for only one column of data.


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How to Use

There are two sheets in the file. The sheet "Data" holds the source data in the first column and the statistics are available on the sheet "Statistics". Simply key in or paste your data into Column A of the first sheet and view the report on the second. The statistics are the same as those generated by Analysis Toolpak. A note of caution, however, do not delete Column A on the sheet "Data". To bring in new data, clear the contents in the column A and paste the data.

The following screenshots shows the data and report for a sample data set of 20 measurements.


Descriptive Statistics Report

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