Graphing Calculator

Description| How it works

The Graphing Calculator is a set of 3 tools on 3 worksheets:
  • A Multifunction Plotter - A tool to plot upto 5 functions;

  • Function Analyser - Plots a function, it's first derivative and integral; and

  • A Parametric Function plotter - Plots a function in the parametric form. Can be thought of as plotting one function against another

Watch a video demo below.


.xlsx file

How to Use

The Excel file has 3 sheets each with a separate tool. Select the appropriate sheet and fill in the range. To enter a function, use the equal to sign (=) followed by the function. For example, to plot cos(x), key in "=cos(x)" as shown below.

Entering Function in Function Plotter

Select the "Show Sliders" on the Function Plotter sheet or "Show Markers" on the other sheets to view co-ordinates of points on the graphs.



Function Plotter 

Function Calculus 

Parametric Function Plotter 

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