MultiFunction Plotter

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This app will allow the user to plot upto 5 functions on the same graph.

Note - a newer version of this tool is the Graphing Calculator.


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How to use

Key in the functions to be plotter in the cells B4 to B10. The function must be keyed in with the equal to sign, as in the Calculus of a Single Variable app. Key in the range of the plot in the cells B12 and B13.

For example, the plot the functions y=x and y=sin(x) between -2 and 2, key in '=x' in cell B4 and '=sin(x)' in cell B5. Key in -2 and 2 in the cells B12 and B13 respectively. If done correctly, the screen will look like this.

MultiFunction Plotter

How it works

This app uses Data Tables to plot the value of the functions at a 1000 points over the specified range. These are then plotted on the graph. For more details, see How the Single Variable Calculus App works.

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