Second Order ODE Solver

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This app solves 2nd order Linear Ordinary Differential Equation (LODE) of the form:

y" + ay' + by = f(x)

where a and b are constants.


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How to use

The use of this app is quite similar to the Single Variable Calculus Tool. The function is to be keyed in into the cells B4 with an equal sign and the constants a and b into cells B6 and B7 respectively. The range is keyed in into the cells B11 and B12 and initial conditions into cells B15 and B16.

For example, to solve the equation y" = -y over the range 0 to 10, with the initial conditions y = 1 and y' = 0, the screen would look like this if the entries are made correctly. Note that this equation can be written as y" + y = 0, hence a = 0 and b =1.

2nd order ODE Solver

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