Simulation of an Oscilloscope and Function Generator

Description| How it works

This app is a modification of the Function Analysis app. The different functions for the waveforms are computed and displayed on the graph. Defined formulae are used in this app allowing the waveform computations to run in the memory. The results of the waveform calculations are not stored on the spreadsheet.

The formulae used for creating the different waveforms with amplitude A and frequency f are as follows:

Sine Wave:

y = A sin(xf)

Square Wave:

y = sign(A sin(xf))

(The sign function returns +1 if the operand is positive and -1 otherwise)

Triangular Wave:

y = (2A/pi) arcsin(sin(xf))

Sawtooth Wave:

y = (2A/pi) arctan(tan(xf/2))
The DC offset control addes a fixed offset value to these equations, while the DC Remove check box removes it. The other controls essentially vary A and f in accordance with the range of the chart to create the simulation of the Oscilloscope.