PLC Simulator - Sample Files

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Use the example files to go through pre built logic and learn the operation of the simulator.

Example 1 - Logic Gates

This logic in this file implements an AND gate and an OR gate.

Download here.

Logic Gates

Example 2 - Seal-in Circuit

This logic in this file implements the common latch or "seal-in" circuit shown in the figure below. This logic is used to run drives using push buttons. The circult "latches in" when the start push button is pressed and releases when the stop push button is pressed.

Seal in circuit

PLC logic

Download here.

Example 3 - Conveyor with warning siren

This logic in this file implements the logic used for starting a conveyor belt - like the ones in airports for luggage handling. Before the conveyor drive is started, a warning siren sounds for 5 seconds. The conveyor or siren stop whenever the stop button is pressed.

Download here.

PLC Simulator in Excel

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