Simulation of Pendulum Waves


This tool uses excel formulae, chart effects and visual basic to create the effect of pendulum waves.


.xlsm file

Creating this animation

The video below shows how this tool was built.

The movement of 15 pendulums is simulated to create the pendulum waves. The following are the key features used in building the tool:

1. Excel formulae are used to calculate the co-ordinates of the end of the pendulums.

2. A counter controls the progress of the movement. A simple macro increments this counter to advance the motion.
3. A pie chart uses the counter value to show the progress of the wave.

4. Markers on the XY-chart are formatted to make them appear realistic and match the colours in the room.

5. Chart background is chosen to create the appearance of the pendulums hanging from the ceiling of a room.

Pendulum waves using Excel

The animation produces a very realistic effect of the movement of the pendulums.
The video below shows pendulum waves created with real pendulums.

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