Expecto Petronam! How it works

Description| How it works

This app uses the glow effect provided in Excel 2010 charts to create the lightning effect. This setting is not available in previous versions of Excel.

Glow settings

To see the workings of this file, go to the 'View' tab and enable viewing of Headings and Formula Bar.


Then Select all cells by pressing Ctrl + a and change the background of the cells to white. The formuale can then be seen. The lightning is generated by a chart which charts the contents in columns B and D. The columns B and D integrate random numbers in columns A and C. The calculation is similar to those in Simulation of a Drunkard's walk.

The macro hides and unhides the chart by turning the contents of the cell E1. When E1 contains FALSE, the contents of columns B and D change to NA and are not shown in the charts.