Psyhcedelic Mandelbrot Set: How it works

Description| How it works

The working of this app is similar to the Mandelbrot Set app.

The tool makes use of the fact that Excel 2007 supports many more colours when compared to previous versions and has much better conditional formatting features.

A macro runs the iterations required for computing the Mandelbrot set. The macro writes its outputs to an array of of 256 by 256 cells in the hidden sheet "Calc". These cells are resized to a single pixel width and height. Condtional formatting is used in these cells to generate the image. The psychedelic effect is created by using the sine of the sum of the real and imaginary portions of the complex numbers instead of using the number of iterations for the Mandelbrot set.

A few tricks have been used to make the macro execution fast. Using the hidden sheet for the conditional formatting ensures that the screen does not have to be updated during the execution of the macro. Also, the final image is copied and pasted as a picture. If the cells were copied and pasted, a change in the sheet would force a recalulation which could take a really long time to complete.