Technical Analysis of Stocks

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This app provides a template for Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) analysis of historical stock price data. The techniques used in the technical analysis of the stock data are applicable to other fields as well, especially data mining.


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How to use

There are two sheets in the file. The sheet "Data" holds the historical stock price data. This data can be obtained from the internet, an excellent source is the Yahoo Finance site. The file comes preloaded with data from a "penny stock", chosen because penny stocks show lot of variation in both prices and trade volumes.

To use this data, clear contents from the cells in the sheet "Data" and paste new contents. The sheet "Report" will then show the analysis of the new data. A note of caution, however, do not delete rows and columns on the sheet "Data". To bring in new data, clear the contents and paste the new data. Use the scrollbar at the bottom to scroll through the data.

The report shows a Candlestick plot, a histogram showing the trade volume and the MACD analysis plot.

The following screenshot shows the report for the penny stock data set.

MACD Plot in Excel

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