This page contains links to Excel sites that I found useful and also to various sites I found useful during the building of this site.

Excel Related Links

The spreadsheet page: One of the best and most well known sites on Excel. I have learnt a lot from this site.

Pearson Software Consulting: Another great collection of tips

Stephen Bullen's Excel page A Blog for Applied Science, Engineering and Games in Excel

Newton Excel Bach: An Excel blog for engineers and scientists, and an engineering and science blog for Excel users! Has links to other interesting Excel sites

AJP Excel Information

TrumpExcel by Sumit Bansal

OfficeTuts Excel Training

Excel-Easy: Free Excel tutorials

Spreadsheeto: An upcoming blog on Excel

PDF to Excel App

PowerSpreadsheets by Jorge A Gomez

Yoda Learning - Excel and Microsoft Office courses

Excel TV Blog: Interesting posts on Excel. There is also a related training section.

Mathematics and Excel

Visualize Maths in Excel

High precision computing with Excel: This page details out how Excel can be used for computing with upto 200 significant digits ! Superb !!

Numerical Recipes

Chemical Engineering and Process Control

Controls Wiki: University of Michigan Chemical Engineering Process Dynamics and Controls Open Textbook

Control Systems Lessons

Guide to Petroleum Refining

Gaming with Excel

Helicopter Game in Excel: I quite like this one!

Excel Games: Lots of games here

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Video Editing: Camsoft

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