Learning Macros: Examples on this site

This site has applications using macros, these applications can serve as a good medium for learning macros. In this tip, I will list these applications in order of increasing difficulty so it can provide a starting point for users at different skill levels.

Simple Macros

The Animation Using Charts App has probably one of the simplest macros on this site. Most of the work (charting and calculations) are done using Excel features (see Macro Overdose).

Other applictations that work in a similar manner are:

Animation without Charts and

Pendulum Waves.

These macros provide a good starting point for a beginner trying to learn macros.

Next Levels

For macros more advanced than the above, see the macros used in the following Apps, arranged in order of increasing difficulty.

Simulation of Alarm logic

Simulation of a lightning wand

Instrument Loop Drawings

Coupled ODE Solver

Image Processing

Mandelbrot Fractal Generator

Little Man Computer

Psychadelic Fractal

Happy learning! :)