Converting PDF files to Excel format

Converting non-editable PDF Files to editable format is surely a very common requirement for many users. This guest article describes a product that can do this. It is contributed by Ms. Veronica Johnson from I have reviewed this with my colleagues and we were quite satisfied with the results of this software.

We all know the ins and outs of PDF files. It’s a great format for sharing and when you receive a PDF file, you can be certain that the data will not have arrived distorted. However, the problem with PDF occurs when we have to reuse any data entrapped in the file. While copying text into any editor can be easily achieved, extracting tables can be very problematic.

It is impossible to simply copy tables into an Excel sheet, and retyping the data will take ages. If tables are structured differently, for example with unequal rows and columns, there is a chance that even when using a good PDF converter, they will be incorrectly recognized. In this case, it can take even longer to sort and clean up the data.

In the case of these scenarios, it is useful to have a tool which allows us to set up our own row and column recognition rules, in order to significantly speed up the entire process. By tweaking the pre-conversion settings, we can be assured that each table will be accurately transferred into a spreadsheet document and be immediately ready for data analysis.

One such tool is offered by Able2Extract PDF to Excel software. This software allows users to control how rows and columns will be structured with a very intuitive visual panel. All you need to do, when choosing Excel is to use the Custom option (.xlsx) as the conversion output format.