Converting PDF files to Excel format

Converting non-editable PDF Files to editable format is surely a very common requirement for many users. This guest article describes a product that can do this. It is contributed by Ms. Lucy Sanchez from PDF Converter.

Have you ever received some tabular data that you needed to edit and use, but couldn’t because it was sent to you as a PDF? You are not alone – in fact, this is a very common problem that anyone who uses digital documents on a regular basis encounters.

Thankfully, there are many PDF converters available to the public, both online and as desktop software.

One company that offers both is PDFConverter. Makers of the professional PDFConverter Elite software, the company also offers a web-based set of tools that enable users to take a PDF document and convert it into an editable document format for free. Users can also take a document that isn’t a PDF and turn it into one using the online service.

And while there are plenty of online services that offer PDF conversion capabilities, offers features that you won’t find on similar services. So what are they?

No file size limits: Must online file converters limit the size of the file you want to convert. But with, you can convert a PDF of any size into Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Scanned PDF conversion: Most professional software solutions offer users the ability to convert a PDF that was created by scanning a physical document, but the vast majority of online converters, especially free ones, do not. allows users to convert a scanned or native PDF into an editable document.

The conversion you will receive from is of the highest quality. The original formatting of your PDF will be preserved perfectly in the newly converted document. This is especially important when converting a PDF to Excel and keeping all of the rows and columns in order in the process.

The service is also very easy to use. All it takes is three quick steps to receive your converted file.

1. Click “Choose File” and locate the file on your computer that you want to convert.

2. Enter your email address. This is the address to which a download link will be sent once the conversion is complete.

3. Click “Start!”

Once the conversion has been performed, an email will be sent to you with the download link, which you can use to get your new converted file.

Just make sure that you download the new file within 24 hours of performing the conversion. deletes both your original file and converted one after 24 hours in order to uphold the security and privacy of your documents.

Anyone looking for an online conversion service that has added features for accurately converting a scanned or native PDF file into an editable Excel, Word or PowerPoint document should definitely give a try.