Converting PDF files to Excel format

Converting non-editable PDF Files to editable format is surely a very common requirement for many users. This guest article describes a product that can do this. It is contributed by Ms. Lucy Sanchez from PDF Converter.

Everyday Excel users already know that when it comes to exchanging important data, converting an Excel file into a PDF and vice versa is always the safest and most productive way.

The software market offers plenty of conversion software that meet those needs from the free online converters, to more advanced, professional packages for business users.

The competition among conversion software manufacturers is strong, and that is why the architects of PDF Converter Elite decided to go one step further and offer their users a new and improved conversion experience. Their latest edition PDF Converter Elite 4 is equipped with customized PDF to Excel conversion features that allow the user to take control over the process of generating an Excel file. With these advanced options, one can add tables, split between columns, adjust row lines and preview the output file before clicking on Convert button.

Aside from this distinguishing feature, this versatile tool brings together PDF Creation, PDF conversion to popular Microsoft Office files as well as Image, HTML, AutoCAD and a brand new OCR engine for the best conversion quality of scanned files.

Although with so many powerful characteristics this software may sound a bit complicated to the less experienced users, it is exactly the opposite. The idea of its designers was to create an advanced tool, capable to perform intricate operations while at the same time keep it approachable and user-friendly.

This can be easily noticed once you start using the software. Its simple and clean interface is something that instantly draws attention, so before you even realize, with just a couple of clicks you will be downloading your newly converted/created file.

If you want to know more about this software and test all of the aforementioned features, you can do that here and enjoy converting your files for free for 7 days.