Converting PDF files to Excel format

Converting non-editable PDF Files to editable format is surely a very common requirement for many users. This guest article describes a product that can do this. It is contributed by Ms. Carla Emerson from Cometdocs. I am currently testing this at work with my colleagues and will include updates based on our experience.

When transferring information electronically to others, many people prefer to use the PDF format for many reasons. It is a great file for transferring information firstly because it is a universal format that enables your file to look exactly the same whether you are opening it using Windows, Mac or Linux.

Another excellent feature of the PDF is that it is a file compressed file format, which allows you to store a lot of information into a small file size. These features make PDF perfect for archiving information and distributing it.

However, the PDF file is almost impossible to edit in most cases. And therefore receiving a PDF with tabular data that you need to edit and use can cause you a headache. Luckily, there are online tool and software that can help you to convert these locked PDF files into easily editable Excel files. is one such tool, but it stands apart from the pack with the fact that it is completely free to use as well. Most online converters charge for conversions and desktop applications are usually not free either, but this tool does allow you to convert PDF to Excel without having to enter any credit card information or make any purchases. It also converts your whole file free, not only a couple pages like some other similar websites.

Furthermore, this tool is completely secure to use. Your files are deleted from the servers 24 hours after your conversion is complete and the website’s privacy policy states that your email information will never be distributed to third parties.

And the quality of conversion is actually incredibly good, considering that the service is free. You won’t have to make additional edits to your Excel file in order to make it usable – this service really does a good job with preserving the formatting and look of the original PDF.

Using it is a breeze as well.

Simply click Browse to upload the PDF you want to convert.

Enter your email address into the second step of the procedure and then click the Send button.

In about 30 minutes, a download link will be sent to your email. Click on the link to download your new, completely editable Excel file.